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Repair Services in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we often face this massive problem of finding a reliable technician to solve our repair problems. Sometimes our AC needs servicing, sometimes our TV breaks down, sometimes our Refrigerator is not cooling properly, and the list goes on. Given that in our country we have high levels of power fluctuations, we are more likely to face problems with our electronics or electrical appliances or devices, than consumers in developed countries.

When problems like these actually occurs, we are left with very limited options. Suppose your Television broke down suddenly and you immediately need a repair service. What options do you have? Either you seek help from the guys who sold you the TV at the first place, or you try to find a local technician, or more recently, you use some kind of service marketplace Mobile App to locate a technician nearby. I have listed down some of the common problems with each of these entities that I have just mentioned.

1. Retailer

As I have noted down above, usually at first you will end up going to the seller of your TV when it is not working anymore. Very often we see that, once the purchase has been done, these sellers are not bothered about the after-sales service anymore. Although some companies are extremely good with after-sales services, most of them are extremely business with closing deals with other customers. So, once you end up in their shop again and explain your problems, you will immediately see reluctance on their face. This is because, still today in Bangladesh, the electronics retail shops prioritize sales as their top concern and everything else, including service, comes later.

2. Local Technicians

Once you have been deliberately declined by your TV seller, the second option you have is to find a local technician. This is indeed a difficult task if you have shifted to a new neighborhood. Think wisely, do we actually keep record of where the nearest technicians are? Even if we somehow manage to find these technicians, how likely do you think these technicians are capable to solve your problems. Well, ten years back, when we did not have high-tech technology in our home appliances, these guys were more than enough to solve basic problems. Given the rise of modern technology, these local technicians are no longer technically capable of solving your problems.

3. Service Marketplace Apps

Recently we have seen a huge rise in the use of mobile applications to locate technicians. Although these apps have made it easier to locate technicians, the same issue that local technicians are incapable of solving your problem will still exist. As I have mentioned earlier, the high-tech components in your appliances can not be fixed unless these technicians are trained by global brands. In Bangladesh, we rarely see global brands taking all the time and effort to train 3rd party local technicians.



Now that I have made it evident that these three entities are not capable enough to fix your TV in the most efficient way, it is now imperative to discuss what you should actually do when your TV or any other home appliances or electrical devices break down. My suggestion will be to locate a reliable service company whose prime focus is on after-sales services. In recent times many entrepreneurs who are experienced with technical services of home appliances have taken initiatives to form companies to tackle the common problem of our consumers. Even though there are many service companies in the market today, very few companies get the luxury of getting their technicians trained by global brands.

And fortunately for you, Drooto is one of them. Being the authorised service provider of Bangladesh’s leading multi-brand electronics retailer, Best Electronics, Drooto’s 100+ own technicians are directly trained by global brands such as Hitachi, Sharp, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Conion, Midea and V-Guard. Hence, now you have a reliable solution to fix your television. Furthermore, Drooto’s mobile application also makes it more convenient for you to locate your nearest Drooto Service Centres. With over 15 service centers in Bangladesh, Drooto will make your service troubles a thing of the past with its comprehensive repair services. Just give our on-call experts a ring and we’ll do everything we can to get your problem sorted – whether it’s an Air Conditioner or Smart TV or Refrigerator. Give us a call on 09678 767676 to get started.

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Drooto currently operates in over 10 major cities in Bangladesh including Dhaka, Tongi, Sirajganj, Bogra, Rangpur, Pabna, Jhenaidah, Khulna, Barisal and Feni. With over 13 service centers, Drooto directly employs over 100 dedicated technicians trained to provide on-demand services to a consumer within 60 minutes. By dialing Drooto Helpline at 09678 767676, any consumer can request for a free check-up of their faulty products, or call any Drooto Service Expert home for any on-demand services.

The author of this article is Syed Tahmid Zaman, CEO of Drooto.


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